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DevOps is a software development methodology that merges two major functions, software development (Dev) with information technology operations (Ops), which aims to shorten the software development life cycle and provide continuous delivery of high-quality software.

With our professional team at Newtek Systems in UAE, we can ensure the highest quality of your product, IT solution, or system with DevOps services. Plan your projects completely and improve your ability to deliver applications, scale them, and build your solutions on reliable infrastructure with our specialists.

Development & Operations

Benefits of DevOps

Speed Time-to-Market

Using the DevOps model and continuous delivery, the software can be deployed up to 10 times faster than using other methods.

Quick Delivery

The frequency of releases can be faster, enabling your business to enhance functionality and continue to run with minimal interruptions to service.

Greater Productivity

Teams work together under the DevOps model instead of as separate entities, sharing ownership and accountability and combining workflows.

Reduced Risk

Quality issues can be identified early, reducing the lead time between fixes and achieving a lower failure rate of new releases.

CI DevOps
DevOps and CI/CD

Continuous Integration (CI), is about acquiring feedback early, which makes it easier to determine and solve issues early in the development process. With CI, you integrate your work several times a day, rather than waiting for one large integration later. Each integration is verified with an automated build, which enables you to detect integration issues as quickly as possible and reduce issues downstream.

Continuous Delivery (CD) extends CI. CD is about wrapping and preparing the software with the goal of delivering progressive changes to users. Deployment strategies such as red/black and canary deployments can help to decrease release risk and increase trust in releases. CD makes the release process safer, less risky, quicker, and, when done well, boring. Once deployments are made easy with CD, developers can focus more on writing code, not adjusting deployment scripts.

IT World Background

DevOps as a Managed Service

With frequently changing customer needs and for better customer experience, enterprises need to be faster and more agile in delivering their products. DevOps advocates such agile business processes. As a service, DevOps is a productive way to develop software and also helps in accelerating the delivery process.

DevOps vs. SREs

DevOps is about core development. SRE is about implementing the core.

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DevOps teams are concentrated on core development. They are running a product or application that is the solution to a specific problem. They are applying an agile approach to software development that enables them to build, test, organize and control applications with speed, quality, and control.


Site Reliability Engineers work within the execution of the core. Constantly generating feedback to the core development group to point out that there is anerror with the desgin. SRE leverages operations data and software engineering to automate IT operations tasks and acceleration of software delivery.


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