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Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management (EPPM)


Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) services provided by Newtek Systems is a whole methodology for companies in UAE, to evaluate and manage their projects simultaneously to ensure strategic alignment with their goals.

PPM omits the use of lengthy manual processes, simplifies operations, facilitates communication, provides key information and insights which helps business to structure their programs and projects.

Throughout the years, we have experience in many complex IT projects in financial, healthcare, governmental, telecommunication sectors throughout the Middle East. Let’s talk about how our PPM-certified specialists in UAE can help you to bring and implement your projects right.

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What is Project Portfolio Management?

Project Portfolio Management offers a variety of benefits for its users. Adopting a PPM methodology provides Project Managers and stakeholders with a strategic approach to manage their portfolios by combining workflows and data, while keeping them aligned to their unique business strategy.

Project Portfolio Management enables decision makers to prioritize tasks, design and manage different portfolios in a logical manner. Overall boosting company efficiency, timely delivery of projects, performance, and bottom-line results.

Benefit from PPM

PMM Features

Project timeliness

Improve Project Timeliness

Reduce the time of projects and increases the outcome.


Monitor Workflow and Data

Transparently provides accurate project performance data.

Easy edit

Optimize Resources

Identify and Prioritize where resources will be used.


Strategic Portfolio Management

Always be sure your projects will be aligned to your overall strategy.


Offers reports and guided analytics

For more informed decision making and optimized performance.

multiple teams

Assign Multiple Teams

Place tasks to different team members across departments.


Keep Everything Aligned with PPM