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Low-Code/ No Code Development

Newtek Systems provides high speed Low-code solutions

Business activities are something that you cannot afford to stop at any time. Therefore, the communication should be continuous and real-time from clients to suppliers and suppliers to clients. Therefore, your enterprise apps and communications networks should perform perpetually.

Low-code development is where we build applications and IT software with minimum code involved so they can be used without crashing and with less trouble. More code means more hassle - the lengthy code apps and software are usually complicated making your business activities shut for a while. Also, it requires a professional who knows code to deploy and maintain it.

Appian Low-code

Low-code/No-code development works by removing the code and enabling users to edit, deploy and customize the apps the way they want without requiring additional coding skills.

At Newtek Systems, we fuse the power of Appian with our own strategy and delivery expertise, to assist you with your most critical business challenges and streamline your enterprise transformation. We are pleased to be an Appian Partner in the UAE and to use Appian to create Low-code apps.

Gartner 2022 review

Appian Gartner Low-Code Development Platform Leader

Gartner identifies Appian as a leader in their Low-Code Development Platform, Intelligent Business Process Management, and Dynamic Case Management quadrants. In 2021, Appian became Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP), especially for large enterprises and financial sector.

As a unified Low-code application platform, Appian provides its users with unlimited possibilities by providing their users access to extraordinary software including mobile user interface, case management, data integration, and collaboration, all in one simple integrated platform.

Low-code features

Low-Code Development Features


Drag and Drop Interfaces

Low-code development allows anyone to drag and drop the boxes, tables, and functions that they like and remove the same way without the need to depend on a permanent developer for maintenance or customization.


Instant Mobility

With Low-Code development – one app is enough to code for all devices rather than executing each one separately.


Safe and Secure

Manually coded applications and software can crash and pose security risks. Fortunately that isn't the case with our Low-Code applications with closed environments, and no chance of security breach from third party sources.


Low-Code Benefits

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An app needs to be developed by several people, such as UI/UX designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, etc. Low-code development cuts down the need for more developers, minimizing hiring costs while also saving development time.


Increased Productivity

The low-code applications are easy to build in no time. Also, the applications are just dragged and dropped systems that anyone can maintain and customize making your business flow, so that you can enjoy perks of higher productivity.

Easy edit

Easy to Customize

The fact that low-code applications are not built from thousands of lines of code makes them more customizable even by users who have no coding background. Users don’t need to depend on the person or agency that developed your applications.

Customer experience

Better Customer Experience

As low-code applications are easy to customize - your organizations can easily adapt to the market trends and outer environment. The quick transformations and better adaptation result in a better user experience.


Better Agility

Low-code platforms benefit organizations by combining less coding with automated actions, making them more agile in the long run. Instead of the lengthy coding process, users may use visual designs.


Higher Flexibility

Low-code development makes it possible for a company to create flexible apps to get specific tasks done, simplifying the development process by cancelling out the manual coding.

Risk managment

Effective Risk Management

Due to changing regulations globally, how can your organization keep up? Using low-code by Appian allows for fast changes in order to meet requirements and stay ahead of deadlines.

Faster transformation

Faster Transformation

In all the advantages of developing low-code, the capacity to speed up the release of new applications and software is perhaps the most significant ability.


Low-code Means Speed