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Integration and Middleware Solutions

integration and middleware

Newtek Systems professionals provide Integration and Middleware services to businesses in the UAE. Providing and offering top-notch Integration and Middleware services.

Integration will provide your business with increased productivity and flexibility when it comes to connecting different applications into one system that work simultaneously with one another.

The middleware layer brings all your business operations together from a central location, thus acting as a crucial part of your entire IT infrastructure. It can be added to any critical system without affecting integration, avoiding network complexities. Different systems will be able to work together without any difficulties especially in scenarios where a system is faulty, middleware will continue to do its job without a problem.

Throughout the years, we have experience in many complex IT projects in financial, healthcare, governmental, telecommunication sectors throughout the Middle East. Let’s talk about how our integration specialists in UAE can help you to bring and implement your projects right.

Intelligent Transtion Layer

Middleware Layer Benefits

Communication Between Servers

Allows users to communicate seamlessly between one another in a heterogeneous eniviroment.

Error Detection

In cases where integration goes wrong, the Middleware layer will help locate where exactly is the issue.

Modify Ecosystem's Services Easier

Ability to modify and adjust services quickly according to your organizations ojbectives.

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Integration & Middleware Services

J2EE Application Infrastructure: To flourish in today's dynamic marketplace, your company needs quick, flexible, and efficient application development solutions partnered with top service-oriented architecture (SOA) runtime environments. We can offer an application server that will be able to develop from a single server to a dynamic high available web application requiring web tier clustering and failover across multiple application server instances.

Multi-platform Application Integration Through Messaging: At Newtek Systems, we guarantee your business a fast, reliable, and strong messaging infrastructure to maintain and build a messaging platform between all business channels. We deliver the most ubiquitous and dependable communications backbone available, which simplifies the flow of messages between businesses, reduces complexity, costs, and maintenance while improving responsiveness and integrating to new solutions and technologies from mainframe and mobile units.

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB):We present sophisticated universal ESB which ensures flawless system connectivity, data transformation, validation, and routing across diverse IT environments.

Discover what IBM Cloud Pak can do for you

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Newtek Systems professionals can help digitally transform your business by getting the benefits of IBM Cloud Pak for Integration as a fully flexible integration platform that will allow you to achieve application modernization goals as part of your cloud journey.

  • Reduce the cost of integration by 33%
  • Faster integration development by 300%

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Benefits

Newtek Systems professionals can help digitally transform your business by getting the benefits of IBM Cloud Pak for Integration as a fully flexible integration platform that will allow you to achieve application modernization goals as part of your cloud journey.

Powerful Integration Platform

Enterprise-Grade Architecture

Multiple Deployment Option Platofrm

Benefit from IBM Cloud Pak

IBM Cloud Pak Capabilities

Api manage

API Management

End-to-end API lifecycle solutions to manage different APIs across multiple clouds.

Application Integration

Application Integration

Connect your cloud and on-premises applications swiftly.

Easy edit

Event Streaming

Deliver real-time Kafka event interaction.


Enterprise Messaging

Secure Enterprise-grade messaging.


High-Speed Data Transfer

In a secure environment, accelerate data transit across virtually any cloud.

multiple teams

End-to-End Security

A secure Gateway that allows users to control access to data across the cloud using a secure encrypted connection.

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IBM API Connect

As an IBM Business partner, Newtek Systems offers a full range of integration consulting services that offer a comprehensive solution for securely managing and creating APIs. IBM API Connect provides a complete set of API capabilities to increase effectiveness and encourage innovation.

Successfully Manage APIs across Clouds: IBM API Connect enables you to secure and manage your API ecosystem across multiple multi-cloud deployments offering the opportunity to independently scale components based on workload across multiple services and platforms.

IBM API Connect

API Platform Features

Create New APIs

Allow users to work with simplified methods using a ready toolkit that Accelerate API developer productivity offering a seamless experience.

Manage Different APIs

With build-in capabilities users have the ability to publish, socialize, monitor, and monetize different APIs at any stage of API lifecycle.

Help Secure Your APIs

IBM API Connect offers the opportunity to securely expose existing system records, databases, and services to develop new mobile and web applications.

Socialize Your APIs

Empower internal and external developers to discover and use your APIs through a company self-service portal and community-building capabilities.

IBM MQ on Cloud

Why Choose IBM MQ?

We offer the most Secure and Top-grade Enterprise messaging service which provides rich and secure on-off premises and on-cloud messaging capabilities. Our team of professionals at Newtek systems will manage the handling and updating of patches, additionally, we will manage the integration of IBM MQ with your applications.

  • Scalable to meet your needs: Expandable to meet all your company needs for handling tons of messages on-premises and on the cloud.
  • Simple process: Your applications are focused on the business, not fixing connectivity problems, or tracking their progress.
  • Guaranteed Once-delivery: IBM MQ is designed to offer continuous delivery and a built-in data store to persist messages.
  • Connectivity and Joined Applications: Unlike traditional applications, IBM MQ offers true routing capabilities to join applications.
  • Reliable System: IBM MQ provides a secure, quick, and top-notch reliable messaging platform.

Enjoy the unlimited benefits of Integration